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Galapagos Islands wildlife pictures

Galapagos wildlife, giant tortoise
Giant tortoise

The Galapagos Islands wildlife is special and in many cases found nowhere else. There are wildlife species that are endemic to 1 or 2 islands. Wildlife friendlier than at other places around the globe and do not fear being approached, due to the lack of human predation, this gives the Galapagos wildlife an enchantment and grace to be admired. The Galapagos is a wildlife sanctuary and protects many species from extinction, wildlife roams stress free and continues its path towards evolution.

Galapagos wildlife, lava lizard
Lava lizard

Galapagos wildlife, land iguana
Land iguana

Galapagos wildlife, marine iguana
Marine iguana

Galapagos wildlife, Sea lion
Sea lion

Galapagos wildlife, fur seal
Fur seal

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