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Galapagos plants,  Black mangrove
Black mangrove

The flora of Galapagos is just as extraordinary as its wildlife, although it has received less attention and publicity. There are about 560 native species of plants in the islands, in other words, plants which arrived in the islands by natural means. Of these, almost one third are endemic to the islands, meaning they are found nowhere else on earth. Galapagos plants tend to be 'pioneer' species, hardy plants which successfully cross oceans and manage to establish themselves in the often hostile environment of islands.

Galapagos plants, saltbush

Galapagos plants, Button mangrove
Button mangrove

Galapagos plants, White mangrove
White mangrove

Galapagos plants, Maytenus octogona
Maytenus octogona

Galapagos plants, Cutleaf Dasy
Cutleaf Daisy

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